Friday, February 17, 2012

A couple of favorites

This bib I actually crocheted about 12 years ago but just now added the ribbon and let Baby but wear it for a while.....once.  I can't actually bring myself to let her get it dirty!  It's been so long that I don't actually remember where I got the pattern.  I think it was out of a book.

This little shirt I just love!  I got the tutorial from Shwin and Shwin.  I think this is my favorite tutorial to date.  The directions were pretty easy to follow.  It was also my first time doing button holes.  It's so stinking cute I can't wait for warmer weather so she can wear it.  I used eyelet lace instead of making ruffles like they did in the tutorial.  I just love how the blue and ivory look together.  (This is some more of that material that never dies!)


  1. Love that top! The colors are so fun and great job on the buttonholes!! I need to make one of those tops one of these days. :)

    1. Thanks Emily! i was kind of intimidated when I first saw the tutorial but it was really easy to follow. Love the name of your blog by the way!