Friday, May 18, 2012

Garden is in!

My garden has been planted.  Little dude  had fun helping out with his little shovel and wheel barrow.  We got a truck load of top soil delivered to add to the compost and peat moss we already had.

I decided since I have limited space to go with the square foot gardening method.  The front box has onions, cucumbers, radishes, kohlrabi, basil and cilantro.  The second box has 50 strawberry plants and behind that are 6 tomato plants.

Over here the front box as 4 tomatoes on the side, zucchini in the big square and basil and dill in the other 3 squares.
The 2nd box has 4 tomatoes, zucchini and 3 jalapeno plants.
The 3rd box is the largest and has 4 tomatoes, beans and peas.

On the right there are 2 little blueberry bushes that you can't really see in the picture.  On the left is carrots and more onions.

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