Sunday, October 28, 2012

Summer Harvest

Our little garden had a good year!  This is only a small taste of the tomatoes we got from it.  I canned 60 pints of tomato sauce as well as some salsa.  The zucchini did so well I had to kill a couple of the plants because we has zucchini coming out our ears!  Now I have a freezer full of shredded zucchini.  The beans didn't do as well as I wanted so I think I'll plant more next year.

We also went to local orchards and picked 4 bushels of apples.  I canned 54 quarts of applesauce as well as some applebutter.

We picked some blueberries and raspberries in July.

Some salsa cooking on the stove!

We picked quite a few strawberries in June too.  
I'm looking forward to planning next years garden! To bad I have to wait so long to do it!

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